6 brands making strides in the health and wellness industry | Our Partners

6 brands making strides in the health and wellness industry | Our Partners
6 brands making strides in the health and wellness industry | Our Partners

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We’re on the cusp of summer, and there’s a good chance you’re starting to rethink your health and wellness routines. After all, after months of crazy winter weather, now is the time for people to get ready to spend more time outdoors and soak up the energizing sunshine. Now is the perfect time to think about your current self-care and health habits and see where you need to improve and where you can strengthen them.

Check out any magazine this time of year and you’re likely to find article after article of tips on getting the perfect summer body, outfitting a new wardrobe for summer, or planning the hottest summer vacation yet.

Still, getting ready for summer doesn’t just mean emphasizing getting that perfect beach body, and it’s not just about your superficial goals and routines. It’s also a time to take stock of your current health habits and make sure you’re taking care of yourself, physically and mentally.

Is there a new exercise you’ve always wanted to try? Are you wondering how to get glowing skin in summer? Are you aware that it’s time to start taking new vitamins and supplements?

No matter what your health goals are, there are many brands on the market today that offer amazing products to suit every need. While many brands tend to “sell the dream,” with products that do nothing but beautifully packaged products, there has also been an influx of truly innovative brands that are making strides in self-care and wellness.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites here. Now, the next time you’re inventorying your medicine cabinet, shopping for luxury self-care items, or looking for a new care provider, you’ll know where to turn.

If you are looking for better care

Let’s be honest: It’s not easy to find a good healthcare provider who actually listens to you and cares about your overall health. Too many of us have had frustrating experiences that left us dreading returning, or simply not feeling like our needs were understood or met. Add that to the ridiculously high cost of health care in America, and you realize we’re not quite ready for the optimal health we’re in.

That is, unless we can find providers and clinics that genuinely care about our health, no matter who we are, what concerns we have, or our specific needs. That’s why companies like Oula and Carda Health are diamonds in the rough that you and your loved ones should be looking into ASAP.

Take Care of Your Heart with Carda Health

Calda Health

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth services have increased rapidly, with more and more people requiring treatment in the safety and convenience of their own homes. However, convenience doesn’t always mean prioritizing quality care for the whole person…unless you’re looking at an organization like Carda Health.

Carda Health offers thoughtful, convenient and accessible virtual cardiac care that goes beyond simple appointments and puts comprehensive care at your fingertips — including care packages and real-time monitoring devices delivered directly to your home and monitored by real providers.

Cardiac care can be an extremely delicate matter, especially if you or a loved one need to be extra careful about how long you spend away from home or the types of environmental hazards or bacteria you are exposed to. That’s why Carda Health is so important in the quest for excellence in heart health.

Have a healthy and happy pregnancy with Oula


When you’re pregnant, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your caregiver will be there for you with everything you need, when you need it. You need to rest assured that whatever your questions or concerns throughout your pregnancy, you can find the support you need.

Finding a team of professional caregivers who will be with you throughout the process (and even after you give birth) isn’t easy, but when you do, it can make your pregnancy smoother, happier, and less stressful. They say, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and this quote lives up to Oula.

In short, Oula was created to make sure you feel like you matter most from the moment you find out you’re pregnant all the way through the months following your blissful birth.Euler exists in Every Type of parent – whether you choose a hospital birth or a natural home birth. Too many medical establishments try to impose certain choices on intended parents, which can sometimes lead to discomfort, frustration, and not feeling like the pregnancy and birth process is truly your own.

Oula genuinely wants to be of service to you, whatever your journey may be, or what your needs and wishes may be. Even better, one of their products is dedicated entirely to BIPOC expectant parents—a truly revolutionary product in a world that often leaves BIPOC folks feeling neglected and unheard in healthcare.

Whatever your plans or needs, you’ll also find postpartum support, after-hours support, and individualized birth planning. It’s support that’s worth investing in – trust us, seeking care like Oula’s will benefit you and your baby in a big way.

Fatty15 is for when you are deficient in Omega-3 and other essential vitamins


Determining exactly which nutrients and vitamins you’re missing can be a little tricky. Completing a comprehensive blood work can be the first step in figuring out your body and what you need more (or less) to feel your best. And when you’re done, how do you know you’ve chosen the right products to replenish and nourish your body?

Many people find they are deficient in essential nutrients that help support a healthy metabolism and immune system. Omega-3s are one of the more well-known nutrients that fall into this category; however, studies have shown that a type of fatty acid called C15:0 is actually more effective than Omega-3s alone.

That’s where the C15 from Fatty15 comes in. This particular supplement supports your metabolic health, which means healthier tissues, muscles and immune system. If you’re looking for a powerful supplement to add to your daily lineup, this might just be it.

If you want better digestion, use a squatting toilet


No, we’re not going to sell you some magic tea or diet pill that will give you a quick cleanse of your system. In fact, one of the best tools we’ve found for a smooth bowel movement won’t get into your body at all. This is a squatting toilet.

If you haven’t heard of them (or haven’t bothered to research them because the name sounds like a gag gift), you don’t know what you’re missing! The Squatty Potty is designed to make your bowel movements smoother and faster by elevating your feet to create the perfect angle for your digestive tract to process and release the intended way without being restricted by inefficient posture.

The silly name might put you off, but you won’t regret giving it a try—we promise.

Artizen If you like the benefits of aromatherapy


Have you ever had a moment where you weren’t feeling your best and suddenly you smelled something beautiful and let your mind and body relax for a moment? Such is the power of aromatherapy, which remains underappreciated in our quest for more peace in our chaotic, busy world.

You’re probably familiar with the benefits of lavender oil for stress relief or eucalyptus oil for head and sinus cleansing. Still, there are many more amazing essential oils that can benefit your physical and mental health. It’s important to research the unique benefits of each essential oil – then, once you know what you need, check out these essential oil kits from Artizen.

Whether you’re treating yourself or giving them as a special gift, you’ll love using these in your diffuser or dabbing some on your wrist after a long day.

Using essential oils can enhance your well-being in any situation, whether you are sick, stressed, tired, stressed, chronically anxious, or experiencing seasonal allergies. Depending on what you use and where you use it, there are hundreds of potential benefits. With a little research and experience, you’re sure to reorder your favorites time and time again. We dare you not indulge in Artizen’s amazing lineup.

If you want the next big thing in health, visit VC


With all these amazing brands and advancements in the health industry, there still can never be enough great products. After all, humans are so unique that there is always an opportunity to more closely or more thoughtfully address someone’s individual needs. If you have a great idea for a wellness brand that you’ve been waiting to realize, you’ve probably thought a lot about where your money will come from and what types of people you want to work with.

It’s hard to find people and organizations that put people before profits, which is why Access VC was born. This amazing organization was created exclusively to fund and promote brands dedicated to making health more accessible to everyone. If you’ve been developing a business plan to fight for better health, hygiene or access to nutrition, you need to check out Access VC today. They work with brands across the entire wellness spectrum, from fitness to mental health to clean beauty.

Access also understands that every startup and founder has unique goals and challenges – which is why they offer two paths depending on where you are in the journey and your specific needs (or in the near future) . Their 6-month accelerator program is designed for pre-seed and seed-stage startups with proof-of-concepts with early traction. Their investment fund, by contrast, is designed for more established startups that have proven their concepts in the market and are scaling up.

Not sure where to start or where your company fits in? Don’t worry! Access is all about people, so you can reach out to them and find the guidance you need.

invest in your health

Finding accessible wellness products has never been easier, no matter your age, background, budget, goals or resources. The tricky part is finding the right products and organizations that will actually meet your needs and give you the tools, guidance and access you need to achieve your health goals.

We hope these suggestions at least inspire and encourage you to know that what you need is there. Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all journey, it is made up of many moving parts. Wellness can be physical health, mental peace, work/life balance, emotional agility, creativity, beauty and many other things. The key to creating a healthy life for yourself is to first identify your needs and think deeply about what’s important to you, from the products you’re using to the organizations you choose to associate with on your path to a healthier, happier life.

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