Catholic Health Clinic strives to serve pregnant women in need

Catholic Health Clinic strives to serve pregnant women in need
Catholic Health Clinic strives to serve pregnant women in need

washington — A Catholic health care clinic in Colorado filed a lawsuit today challenging a state law that makes it illegal to give women natural hormones in an attempt to reverse the effects of abortion pills.exist Bella Health and Wellness v. Weiser, The clinic argued that clinics targeted by the law have a religious duty to help all pregnant women in need, including those who decide to continue their pregnancies after voluntary or unwilling administration of the abortion pill. With Becket’s help, Bella Health and Wellness is asking a federal court to strike down the law and uphold its rights to provide services to women who choose to continue their pregnancies.

Founded by Catholic mother and daughter nurse practitioners Dede Chism and Abby Sinnett, Bella Health provides life-affirming, dignified health care for men, women and children. Like health care clinics across the country, Bella’s Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic provides women with progesterone, a naturally occurring hormone that is critical to maintaining a healthy pregnancy, including for women at risk of miscarriage. In some cases, progesterone has also been shown to maintain a healthy pregnancy after women voluntarily or unwillingly take the first drug in a two-step abortion pill regimen before deciding to conceive to term. With a religious mission to uphold the dignity of every life, Bella provides progesterone to women who change their minds after taking the abortion pill.

“We opened Bella because we believe life is a precious gift from God that deserves to be protected in all stages,” said Dede Chism, NP, co-founder and CEO of Bella Health and Wellness. “When a woman seeks our help to reverse the effects of the abortion pill, we have a religious obligation to provide her and her child with every option available.”

exist April 14, Colorado passed a law That TargetTS anti-abortion Clinics including Bella Health make it illegal to give women progesteronee in the case aborted Pill reversal. Although bella can provide hormone Tono female in any other situation, including spontaneous abortion, This is Doing so is prohibited if the purpose ISecond arrive revoke this Effects of the Abortion Pill. this mandatoryyes Anti-abortion clinics choose between their deep-seated religious beliefs and Their able operate as health care ministries. law meeting return forced seeking women Bella’s Help abort a pregnancy they wish to continue. If it continues to offer and advertise progesterone to women who use itek abortion pill reversalBella Health faces fines of up to $20,000 per violation and suspension of its providers’ medical licenses.

“Regardless of the circumstances, we just want to continue serving expectant mothers in need,” Abby Sinnett, NP, Co-Founder and COO, Bella Health and Wellness says“At their most vulnerable, a pregnant woman needs to know that she and her unborn child will be treated with the utmost dignity and care.”

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