Corey Lewis’ path from professional soccer player to health platform CEO

Corey Lewis’ path from professional soccer player to health platform CEO
Corey Lewis’ path from professional soccer player to health platform CEO

Orlando, FL – If you are fighting for your dreams, keep your eyes on the ball even if you feel like you are about to be chased by a football team.

This week on “Black Sunday,” host Corie Murray interviews Corey Lewis, a former offensive lineman at the University of Illinois who later co-founded and is CEO of 1AND1, a mental health and wellness platform, Committed to helping its users “progress 1% every day”.

“So we’ve broken down our view of health into seven dimensions of health, and one of those dimensions is financial health, because as we all know, obviously, if you’re not doing well financially, it can spill over into other areas of our lives, our mental health Wait,” Lewis said. “…I’m obviously by no means a financial advisor, I rely on experts to give me trading tips and tricks that I reflect on and try to help others, so I’m speaking from experience and perspective and it’s just a matter of hearing what I’m getting help from A place I’ve heard from people who have achieved financial success in their lives.”

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Lewis’ football career was short but memorable, earning three grades over the years as part of the Big Ten and the recipient of the Big Ten Distinguished Scholar Award. He went on to play professional football for a while, leading to four ACL surgeries and seven knee surgeries, which Lewis said strengthened his resolve.

As he recovered from his injury, Lewis transitioned from professional sports to strength training, during which time he noticed how well his clients responded to his advice on fitness, not just exercise.

“Unfortunately, we see a lot of brothers and men and women commit suicide because they are no longer happy with their lives, right? Like, you just wish they would speak up or have the resources to help them in a spiritually better position so they can move on in life,” Lewis said. “That’s not where I want anybody to be. So it’s like, if we break our arm or we rupture our Achilles or we tear our knee, it’s like we go to the hospital, you know?” ? Mental health needs to be seen as the same thing as physical health.”

As the CEO of a Black-owned media company, Lewis said some of the best ideas a person can have can be the most intimidating before committing fully to their business.

“The best opportunities are the ones that scare you the most, and that’s how I look at a lot of things. Man, if I have a really good idea and I’m really passionate about it and I know it’s what I really want to do but it scares me? I’ll go for it because, shoot, I know in football going up against the best players in the world, you know, I’m so nervous. I’ll be embarrassed there, but I know that Will be my best chance to really prove myself,” Lewis said. “…you just go for it. Entrepreneurship is about being comfortable when you’re not.”

Listen to the full interview and more on Season 2, Episode 21 of “Black Sunday.”

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