Honest Review: Chaos at South End CLT

Honest Review: Chaos at South End CLT
Honest Review: Chaos at South End CLT

A new restaurant opened today and the QCity Metro team gave it a go.

State of Confusion is an indoor-outdoor restaurant in the South End that serves Peruvian, Latin and Creole cuisine “with a Southern twist.”

about chaos

A sister concept to popular brunch spot STIR in the South End, this Latin-inspired restaurant serves the same type of menu: lunch, brunch and dinner. There’s also a full beverage menu, including draft cocktails, signature agua frescas (refreshing mocktails), and beer.

State of Confusion has four bar areas – one in the main dining area, one to the side of the restaurant, one entirely near the back of the restaurant, and one on the rooftop.

Inside, there are plenty of seats including booths, high tops, low tops, and bar seating. On the roof, guests will find fewer tables but more private seating areas with individually zoned tables and a long bar overlooking the outdoor dining area downstairs.

food and drink

A group of five of us chose to dine inside. We sat in a large booth that seats six and ordered one appetizer, one dessert and five different entrees.

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