Salmon Arm business aims to support people in their health journey

Salmon Arm business aims to support people in their health journey
Salmon Arm business aims to support people in their health journey

The experience of chronic pain led Jason Persaud to embark on a journey to Salmon Bay, where he now helps others with their health issues.

Persaud is the founder of Excito Life, which he opened in January 2023 on Trans-Canada Highway 551 (downtown Tim Hortons, behind Grillers Meats). There, Persaud and several practitioners offer a variety of health and wellness services, including massage, Reiki, chiropractic and physiotherapy. There are hot and cold rooms with a sauna and cold tub, a red light therapy room and a gym.

In addition to running Excito Life, Persaud is a Bioenergetic Medicine Practitioner, CHEK (Corrective Exercise and High Performance Kenisiology) Professional, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Health Practitioner, and Holistic Lifestyle and Wellness Coach/Personal Trainer. He is also pursuing a doctorate in natural medicine.

In short, Persaud says, people see him when they don’t succeed in more mainstream channels.

“We’re just offering a different perspective to people who might not have been successful in other ways,” Persaud said. “Let’s say you go to chiro and chiro doesn’t completely take you out of pain, or you’re trying to find success with your doctor – not that I’m a doctor – but what else can we do to support your lifestyle and not feel uncomfortable?”

Our healthcare system is great in many ways, but poor at addressing chronic problems, Persaud said. In his early 20s, he worked as a strength and conditioning coach and suffered from pain and mental health issues himself, he said.

“I started having really bad gut issues, irritable bowel syndrome…and I was clinically depressed,” Persaud said. “The medical system wanted to put me on medicine, and I knew the gut and the brain were connected, and I Knowing I had a bad gut, so I thought, let me look into taking meds before I start. That basically put me on the path I am at now.”

Persaud said he runs a clinic in Burlington, Ont. In August 2019. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and he “had to unplug it”.He decided to leave Ontario to focus on economic growth in British Columbia

“I’ve been to Vancouver a few times and I know there’s something about BC and I feel at home here,” said Persaud, who stumbled upon Salmon Arm in MacLean’s Magazine’s ranking of the best places to live in BC and Canada. Persaud said he had never heard of the Salmon Arm, so he researched the neighborhood and area and found that was what he was looking for.

While residents of larger cities may be more familiar with what Excito Live offers, Persaud believes Salmon Arm’s demographics are changing, and with it, the wants and needs of the community.

“We offer free supplementary courses,” Persaud said. “I sit down with you and do an assessment… from that, we can get here’s what I see, and here’s what I recommend you do to help with any issues you have…

“People see the success, and the nice thing about living in a small town is that the word travels well.”

Excito Life’s treatment plans are tailored to individual needs. So, for example, if you have heartburn, Persaud says your doctor may prescribe a proton pump inhibitor, which addresses the symptoms rather than the cause.

“What I’m trying to do is find the cause of the heartburn and fix it,” Persaud said. “Because at the end of the day, if you don’t fix the cause of the heartburn, it’s not going to get better. , and eventually this problem becomes another problem, and then another problem.”

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