Satisfy your brain and your sweet tooth at the White Rabbit Dessert Experience

Satisfy your brain and your sweet tooth at the White Rabbit Dessert Experience
Satisfy your brain and your sweet tooth at the White Rabbit Dessert Experience

As I walk through the glass (door, but still) of the White Rabbit Dessert Experience, Grace Slick’s iconic lyrics come to mind. Slow, Bolero-esque beats serve as a cinematic interior score as I make my way to the dinner table.

It was a weeknight. The restaurant was almost empty, but three tables – one with eight guests – were bustling. At least part of it, I suppose, was a reasonable amount of sugar while I was seated.

Inspired by “Alice in Wonderland,” with a dash of magician imagery, the name came into existence more than seven years ago when this Buffalo-born concept evolved from the White Rabbit frozen yogurt of the time, operating Manager Alisha Singh told me.

White Rabbit Dessert Experience is located next to Waterford Lake in Orlando. The Winter Garden will get one in 2023, according to the website.

Today, it is a full-service dessert restaurant.

Whether you’re channeling Jefferson Airplane or Lewis Carroll, there’s nothing on its menu that will make you small.

In fact, the plate itself is huge.

“them yes Bigger parts,” Singer said with a laugh.

And they don’t come cheap. Any of White Rabbit’s signature crepes or waffles with ice cream is $19.50. The good part is they are definitely meant to be shared. The bill for the three of us totaled about $100, but I could have taken three more down the chocolate-colored rabbit hole to eat what they brought to the table.

Pretty ones can glorify The First Draft Pick sundae, which despite its questionable plating is pretty darn good on the palate.

Singh admits: “We do have some people who want to have dessert all to themselves, but most people bring friends and family and they try all the different desserts. Sometimes people come for dessert for dinner. The menu caters to a lot of people. “

This is real. And its layout is also very simple. The menu titles—fruitcake, two-scoop sundae, crepes, and waffles (with and without ice cream) are clear—though which one you choose can be complicated. Over 100 choices abound.

Without prompting, we ended up picking one of the restaurant’s most popular offerings, The First Draft Pick ($13.50), under the brownie and cookie heading. It was a messy plate – the sauce and icing sugar were a bit harsh – but my companions didn’t care one bit, tucking into warm brownies and accompanying ice cream quickly, sweeping the decadent fork through the caramel, Praline, Belgian chocolate drizzled with homemade sauce. luxury.

Strawberry Shortcake Crepe: Bigger than your head.

Despite the sensual tone (it’s Nutella, guys, I can’t make it sound sexy) White Rabbit is no better than sex. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to meet any Pop Warner team there. Or hear the staff sing the proprietary birthday song three times in one hour. but here? This seems natural, as does the design of the open kitchen, which attracts customers as they stroll through it. There were a few people sitting where they could watch their orders come together.

“It really becomes part of your experience,” Singer said, adding that locals have become familiar with the concept since it opened in Orlando — the brand’s first foray outside of upstate New York. The list of regulars is growing. That’s encouraging, she said, as the next location prepares to open later this year in Winter Gardens.

“Orlando is the number one international destination, so why not? It’s the perfect place to bring that magic.”

Said magic includes homemade ice cream using White Rabbit’s proprietary base, as well as homemade sauces and batters. Generous gluten-free portions allow those with dietary restrictions to participate, too. The wheat-free waffles have their own iron to prepare them.

Granola and caramel complement the fruit in the Big Apple Pie.

In fact, one of my guests in our Chocolate Dilemma said the manhole cover sized waffles (I’m only slightly exaggerating) were “the best waffles I’ve ever had” and he loved the chocolate ice cream and fresh strawberries Serve with the above chocolate sauce. I wasn’t too fond of the Strawberry Shortcake Crepe ($17.50) – the English cream reads heavy, like vanilla crème brûlée – but a third of the people I brought, including the leftovers, ate later , all beg to differ.

The Creamsicle Orange Soda Float ($9.50)—ice cream in a cup with a bottle of Fanta—is a nostalgic delight. On my next visit, I’ll most likely grab something from the soda fountain, maybe a milkshake. My favorite to explore is the Big Apple Pie ($13.50)—warm and filling with caramel and granola, rich with fruit. Ice cream makes it even better.

Creamsicle, an orange soda. Nostalgia in a cup.

It was undoubtedly the night of that big party, as the birthday girl and her friends destroyed a giant banana chip among other treats. Sauces, fruit, whipped cream, peanuts. Pieces of red velvet cake. Colorful tea. Dessert psychedelia, to be sure. And enough sweets to make anyone’s pupils dilate.

feed your head.

Big White Rabbit Dessert Experience: 875 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando; 407-237-9561;

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