The last carrot is the first stop in a healthy diet

The last carrot is the first stop in a healthy diet
The last carrot is the first stop in a healthy diet

One of the region’s most beloved pioneers of the healthy food revolution, Last Carrot has been providing locals with tasty and healthy eating options for nearly five years. They proved to be in the perfect position in what will soon be Miami’s fastest growing health-conscious neighborhood.

Between preparing fresh juices and serving mountains of pita bread, Last Carrot owners Erin Compton, Gabriela Trejo-Watkins, Kajari Sa-Ra and Carlos Austin-Adams (left to right) find time to confront The camera smiles.

Whether it’s mountainous pitas, stuffed wraps and salads, or delicious smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices, this cozy family-owned restaurant clearly has all the right ingredients.

So, what’s the secret?Owner and restaurant manager Erin Compton sat down with community newspaper in miami Share how the winning combination of “clean eating,” Last Carrot’s legacy, and strong connection to Coconut Grove equals success.

CNews: How long has Last Carrot been open?

Erin: We have been proudly in business since 1975.

CNews: To what do you attribute the restaurant’s longevity?

Erin: This has to be our consistency.

CNews: What makes Coconut Grove so unique? How do you think the community has changed since it opened?

Erin: The population of this community has tripled. Many families are now moving here. I believe Coconut Grove is unique because we are a very friendly community.

CNews: The Grove is known for its restaurants. What makes this an ideal neighborhood for anyone looking for healthy food options?

Erin: The Grove has many healthy eating options that support the active lifestyle this beautiful community promotes. I believe we will reach people who are making healthier eating choices and prefer the privacy of a colorful setting.

CNews: To what extent do you attribute your success to building relationships with other businesses in the area For example Coconut Grove BID.

Erin: In my experience, local businesses in business improvement districts are all genuinely supportive of each other. We borrow money when we need it and turn to each other when we need it. This is the true definition of borrowing a cup of sugar from a neighbor.

CNews: How would you describe the Last Carrot brand and your location? What is your “elevator pitch”?

Erin: Healthy eating has been around since 1975. The Last Carrot has a happy, healthy, cozy vibe and a 1970’s past!

CNews: How do you compare the demand for healthy food options now to when you first opened?

Erin: Vegetarian and vegan options are in much higher demand. Our green juices have also grown in popularity over the past seven years. Definitely great news for The Last Carrot team!

CNews: Do you have any suggestions on what to order at The Last Carrot for the first time? Give us a choice for vegans, non-vegans and of course some sweets.

Erin: Well, for a vegetarian, I’d go for the veggie burger pita sandwich. For non-vegans, try the Tuna Melt Spinach Pie, and for dessert, you can’t go wrong with our fresh fruit smoothies or vegan ice cream sandwiches!

CNews: Do you use locally sourced products?

Erin: Of course we will. In fact, our wheatgrass comes from Redlands-based Green Garden Organics, a local Coconut Grove family business that started out in West Gove.

CNews: The Grove has always been a progressive community, and still is – do corporate environmental responsibility and providing healthy food options go hand in hand?

Erin: Yes, exactly. Protecting the environment and choosing healthy food are two sides of the same coin. It is taking care of yourself, which in turn takes care of the world around you.

CNews: What makes your team unique?

Erin: Team members at The Last Carrot give each other grace. We are as close as family. We help and even support each other in many non-work related activities. Because of this, we all bring our authentic selves to work and balance each other out. This “yin and yang” of our team allows us to feel comfortable and perform at our best.

CNews: What are the benefits of running a family business?

Erin: One of the benefits is our heritage. I worked for my dad for many years and now my son and nephew work for me. This is a true family business. There’s zero corporate emotion here – it’s more of a maternal vibe.

CNews: What is your passion?

Erin: My passion is making people happy through food and service. The Last Carrot provides a satisfying grounding environment, which in turn keeps people coming back time and time again.

about the last carrot

Open for dine-in and takeout Monday through Saturday 10:30am-6pm and 11am-4:30pm, The Last Carrot is located at 3133 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133.For information, call 305-445-0805 or visit their website.

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