Wellness Massage – Hometown Focus

Wellness Massage – Hometown Focus
Wellness Massage – Hometown Focus

Wellness Massage – Hometown Focus

Don’t you agree that more of a good thing is a good thing? Relate this to a massage and I’d say absolutely yes! Besides feeling great, there are other reasons why it’s important for you to get a massage regularly.

Massage is great for releasing tension, knots, stress and pain. Positive effects can be cumulative if received on a regular basis. That said, massages are known to build on themselves, from previous massages to the current one you’re having. So, to help build up the portion, I recommend getting a massage anywhere from weekly to monthly, depending on the time and resources to make it happen.

In my opinion, that’s what massage does for sore muscles. Massage enters and talks to the muscles, allowing them to relax back into their original state and release tension. Now, if the person receiving the massage has had this problem for a long time, it may take more than one session to resolve the problem at hand. Remember that it may take time to get there, and it may take time to get rid of it. A person never knows until he or she gets a massage and sees how their body responds to it.

I just had a client return from her annual winter trip to Florida. She got a weekly massage while she was in Minnesota, and she told me she felt great when she left in December. As usual, I encouraged her to find a massage therapist while she was in Florida so she could help her body whenever she wanted.

In the past, she said she has tried to find a therapist but has not found one she likes. Until this last trip. She and her boyfriend ended up being delayed for a day during their southbound trip. So, instead of the usual three days, she spent four days in his truck. She said, “Oh my god, am I sick of not moving a lot for the extra day.” We talked about the importance of moving and how quickly we can harden when we don’t move. The older we get, the faster it seems to happen.

So, she did find a massage therapist in Florida that she liked and that she hopes will still be there when she returns later this year. She did have a few massages while she was in Florida. This is a good thing.

My client did text me before going back to Minnesota to make sure she was on record for the massage when she got home. When she gets a massage, she’s a happy camper and looks forward to making her body feel better with a more consistent massage.

I know not everyone has the opportunity to get a weekly massage. It’s much better to get a massage every two weeks or every month than every quarter or every six months. I get one, once a month, and really appreciate the benefits. I know it helps keep me supple and mobile and still able to get a massage. I recommend you keep getting massages even after you’re pain free as they will keep you moving in the right direction.

Susan Santi is a certified massage therapist and owner of Ahhh Massage in Virginia. Please feel free to contact her at 218-410-2144 with any questions.

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